University Challenge

| September 18, 2013

The English Challenge

TESOL university

University challenge is based on the original tv versions that go back to the 60s,70s, except our UC is slightly different :-

a) two teams of up to 5 students from non English speaking countries
b) each team will record a 28-30 minute session on any topic (in English) they like and will be allowed to record and intersperse up to 3 songs in that session.
c) once the group has finalized its session they will upload to TESOL Fm
d) TESOL Fm will review the recording for sound quality only then advise the sender it has been accepted and scheduled date for online challenge replay.
e) TESOL Fm will play two competing university submissions back to back and ask our audience of global teachers to vote for the winner. We shall provide an online voting form and criteria for marking
f) Both teams’ players will receive a certificate (from the TESOL Asia organization) – the winning team will receive a group certificate.


Teachers and professors alike are welcome to give their students as much support as possible, but all talk will be done by the students.

We appreciate that some teams may comprise those with significant exposure to English in Australia, USA, Canada, UK, NZ, Philippines. Students will need to declare this on the application form and groups will be paired according to the fairest measures we can apply.

Depending how this idea goes we will review formats etc and listen to your feedback and ideas to improve the University Challenge.

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