Introduction to TESOL FM Radio

TESOL FM (TFM) is a major leap  into the future of  the EFL ESL profession (English Language Teaching.) Our support academic journal group Australia, also wholly owned by TESOL Asia Ltd has  a readership now exceeding 4,000,000 unique readers a year from  129 countries whom we are introducing TFM to.  Based on the web statistical research provided to us we are delivering  our preliminary services to  audiences in China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam and Indonesia.

With an estimated 1.5 – 2.0  billion learners of English and English for Special Purposes  worldwide (British Council report)(47% in Asia)  TESOL Fm has a unique chance to focus its services on a specific commercial market that covers the globe.

Research provided to the Asian EFL Journal shows that students find learning English through song one of  the preferred choices of learning.  Researchers also found that Chinese respondents (1,397) noted  this was their preferred mode of learning English with 95% of respondents placing this as their first choice.

TESOL Fm will provide resources that can be used or modified to support this conclusion. We shall also provide fun language learning resources direct to the student via desk top computer and mobile platforms.

We have a 2 year roll out plan to reach our potential global market, as well as delivering relaxing music to the world at large

Stage 1. Introduction of TESOL Fm with interviews and music (2013)
Stage 2. Introducing TESOL Fm Apps for students and this site (mobile) (2014)
Stage 3. Live Talk back shows (2014)
Stage 4. Licensing of TESOL Fm to Corporations in select countries (2014)
Stage 5. The TESOL Fm E shop and expanding TESOL Cafes (2014)
Stage 6. TESOL Fm 1st International Conference (2015) Shanghai


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