TFM International Corporate Benefits

TESOL Fm (Licensor) is offering the following country licenses


Corporations in those countries may apply to be Licensee and to run TESOL.Fm/”country name” example

And offer

(1) Music channels for teachers – students –
(2) Interviews with teachers, academics, experts in linguistics
(3) On line English training
(4) English through Music
(5) Storytelling to students
(6) Study abroad information
(7) Testing skills on line (TOEIC – IELTS etc,)
(8) Quizzes, games in line, competitions

Benefits for Licensee

  1. 24/7 Exposure of your corporation via your internet site
  2. Advertising to your country / or the world for your corporations’ services (such as to all schools, universities, etc)
  3. Brand name supported by TESOL Asia
  4. Offer On-line courses to students across your country
  5. You own a unique monopoly on TESOL.Fm/country advertising
  6. TESOL.Fm/country licensees have the unique chance to dominate the ESL EFL market in their country with 24/7 internet broadcasts.